Can you see yourself as a future member of Leadership Huron County? If you can, we encourage you to submit your application. Perhaps you know someone else who would be a great candidate for the program. If you own a business - large or small - you might consider sponsoring some of your own employees for the program. What better way to lead than to help develop other leaders?

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2024 Application
Valid until March 15 2024

What To Expect

Clifton Strengths

Clifton Strengths

The Clifton Strengths for Leaders assessment is the foundation of LHC’s leadership training. Based on positive psychology, the assessment helps individuals identify the areas with greatest potential for building leadership strength. At our first meeting of the year, participants work with a certified strengths coach to analyze the results of the assessment and to create an action plan for implementing their strengths.

Community Leaders' Roundtables

Through organized roundtable discussions, our participants are encouraged to interact with leaders from all walks of life in Huron County who bring a variety of perspectives to our classes. Speakers discuss current issues; they describe their own leadership journeys; and they discuss their leadership styles as they outline triumphs and challenges faced by their organizations. These conversations are an effective way to educate our participants while taking a deep dive into the varied aspects of life in Huron County.

Mindful Leadership Training

Our participants experience leadership training in a serenely beautiful outdoor setting that teaches them how to consciously cultivate their abilities to be present, open-minded, and compassionate as they interact with their teams at work or with their families and friends. Team-building, trust-building and listening activities help our participants focus on how to be mindful of others as they hone their leadership skills.

Equine-Assisted Leadership Training

Effective leadership relies heavily on effective communication. Our equine-assisted leadership training day is a facilitated process that helps participants better understand their own communication strengths and weaknesses using miniature horses as the teachers. Individuals learn to build deeper connections with team members as they reflect on the experience and how it applies to all areas of life.

Collaboration and Team Building

Team Building

Participants have several opportunities to work together on focused group projects, whether on the Huron County Road Rally; planning and facilitating class meetings; or working through challenging team-building activities. It’s all about accomplishing a goal as a group and as individuals. One of the strengths of the LEADERSHIP HURON COUNTY program is that it brings together people who might otherwise never interact with one another and it challenges them to use their skills in working with others and in completing a task.

Providing Perspective On Huron County

"Experience is the best teacher," and there is no better way of learning about the county than by spending time visiting key sites and areas and by learning more about its communities, its people, and its unique history.

Understand Board Effectiveness

As leaders, most LHC participants will, at some point, be members of at least one board of directors and are, therefore, expected to attend at least one board meeting of their choice and to observe how effectively it functions.


Class Structure and Format

Leadership Huron County's program is divided into two components.

The "Leadership Exploration" component comprises the first four months during which participants engage in intensive leadership training and development. This includes the Clifton Strengths assessment and analysis; mindfulness training; equine assisted leadership training and a variety of team-building, trust-building, problem-solving and goal-setting activities as well as a study of various leadership styles. Some of the training takes places at sites outside Huron County. The "Leadership Exploration" component culminates in the Huron County Road Rally during which teams fan out to explore and discover Huron County's history, landmarks and communities and people.

The "Leadership in Action" component comprises the last five months of the year during which participants apply their leadership skills by planning and facilitating one of five themed classes: Government, Safety Services & Law Enforcement; Agriculture & the Environment; Business and Industry; Education, Culture and Recreation; and Non-Profits, Social Services & Healthcare. Teams are provided plenty of latitude in designing their meetings around issues that interest them. They identify and engage speakers; they organize tours of relevant venues, they facilitate class discussions and community leader roundtables; they arrange community service activities; they provide a meal, complete an evaluation of their efforts and a host of other smaller tasks associated with carrying out their agendas.

The Leadership Huron County calendar runs from April through December. Participants enjoy a graduation banquet and celebration upon the completion of the program. Classes generally meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 8:30 am ‐ 4:30 pm. A full calendar of classes is provided to participants at the beginning of each program year so they can make arrangements with employer/sponsors to attend every class. It should be noted that the calendar is subject to change depending on the availability of training facilities, but participants will be notified of any changes when the course calendar is distributed.